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A music and dance performance inspired by poetry of Rabindranath Tagore


Tagoreando is an invitation to enter the poetic world of Tagore, in the very act of creation as an encounter between the word, music, song and the expression of the body. A transforming dialogue of poetic language made rhythm, gesture and melody. A pictorial language in turn inspired by his paintings with which he knew how to portray the soul so well. Tagore is a being in continuous creation and growth. There is not a single Tagore but a garland of many that make up a look at the world through the eyes of a poet.

Tagore did not visit Spain, despite the fact that he was a great traveler around the world. The trip, carefully programmed by Juan Ramón Jiménez, was planned for the month of April 1921. The great creators of the time had organized an entire artistic meeting and a party in his honor at the Madrid Student Residence. 100 years later, we welcome the poet into our home, offering him an aesthetic delight through the profound languages of flamenco singing and the guitar in dialogue with other sounds from India: the violin and the tabla. The movement, the gesture and the dramatic expression also find meeting points between both aesthetic forms, a flamenco of roots and a rooted Indian dance and at the same time open to new contemporary expressions.


Artists on Stage

Flamenco & Indian Music





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