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Flamenco meets Tango

From Sevilla to Buenos Aires

Two dramatic forms of dance – flamenco and tango – will meet in one of the most important performances of the new season of the Royal Opera House in Muscat (ROHM). 

Both beloved around the world and representing two parts of the world, flamenco from Seville in Spain will meet tango from Buenos Aires in Argentina through every movement of the hands, feet, instruments and sounds of three groups woven together to present their world premiere.

The excellence of Flamenco band Antonio Andrade, distinctive soul stirring melodies, rousing and plaintive of the Quinteto Cinco Esquinas from Buenos Aires provide sound and backdrop to three of tango’s most famous couples – Guillermo Léon, and Rebecca Núñez, Mariano Otero and Alejandra Heredia, Gonzalo Capitano, and Carolina Gonzáles.
They are expected to captivate the audience as they carry the cultural heritage of two of the most beautiful arts and set the tone for the music and setting of three of the most famous tango couples.

In this show, the trip starts from Seville, touted as the capital of flamenco, and settles in Buenos Aires, the declared capital of tango, through two dances that were included by UNESCO in its list of intangible cultural heritage in 2010.
The world premiere will be special at the ROHM, where flamenco brings back the musical genius of guitarist and artistic director Antonio Andrade, who has worked with celebrities and created new styles in flamenco, most notably in productions such as: Noches de Amor and Vaya Con Dios, Bailando al Cante and Lluvia de Tierra.The show is heightened with flamenco dancer, choreographer and costume designer Jose Galvan, artistic director and choreographer of the Teatro Flamenco in Seville.

From a large artistic family in Spain, the display enhances the landscape by Alejandro Contreras Cortes who specializes in video mapping, lighting, colouring, drawing, design and sketching of art projects for opera and other shows.
Tango is presented by the Quinteto Cinco Esquinas, with singer Solanhe Freire and the three couples.
The show presents different styles showing a mixture of both these dances in music and dance and the resulting different feelings of happiness, sadness, passion and enjoyment of the joys of life, all of these emotions are celebrated in various ways, where music is a haven for human souls.


Artists on Stage

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