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7·Mi Carmen Flamenca

compañía flamenca Antonio Andrade


Mi Carmen Flamenca is 100% Andalusian flamenco. Following it´s debut at the Deutsche Opera House in Berlin it has been performed at some of the best theatres in the world, most recently in China at the Shanghai Oriental Art Centre and the Peking MeilLang Fan Gran Opera, and in Spain at the Echegaray Theater in Málaga. Manolo Marin´s choreography My Carmen Flamenco has been a huge success among public and critics alike and will be performed in different cities in Spain and across Europe over the next year. The “Compañía Antonio Andrade” will delight audiences with this very Spanish show. The costumes are designed by Jose Galvan, the flamenco dancer and designer from Malaga who also stars in the show, and the andalucian designers Victorio y Lucchino.

Strangely it was two Frenchmen who gave form to this Spanish legend: Prosper Merimée with his tragic novel and Georges Bizet with his passionate opera. Carmen prefers to choose death over living a lie and the denial of freedom. Her love is as absolute as it is fleeting; surrendered only at its most intense.

Antonio Andrade and his flamenco company adapt the theme of Bizet, inspired bv Seville, the homeland of flamenco, and the classic themes of Carmen and play around with them performing them with the new flamenco spirit. Arabic elements, jazz and salsa are introduced naturally with the ardour of pure flamenco. My Carmen Flamenca takes the opera Carmen from the exile of a classic to the flamenco of its roots in both aspects of music and dance. Direct, pure and without pompositiy.


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