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6·Flamenco Suite

compañía flamenca Antonio Andrade


Flamenco Suite is a combination of dances and musical pieces of Andalusian and flamenco origin. One of the most mysterious and mystified cultures in the world. "The flamenco”

In this Suite we embark on a journey through the dances and songs of

Andalusia. Andalusia, without a doubt one of the most special and

mixed-race places in the world.

A mixture of cultures, music, dance movements, expressives and customs

that leave any participant speechless and without arguments.

Each culture that passed through Andalusia created its own energy that

was forever impregnated in this land because the Andalusian people

wanted it that way. Phoenician, Roman, Arab, Jewish and Christian

culture... all these energies united was called “flamenco".

Flamenco Suite brings together the beauty of all this cultural synthesis

and shows all the beauty of an unprecedented culture. A dazzling and

surprisingly colorful culture. A culture with an emotional history without

complexes but with a depth that goes as far as no one can go under

real circumstances.

Flamenco Suite has managed to unify all the charm and the message

of this unique cultural manifestation in a show that highlights all the

beauty of the Andalusian and Flamenco aesthetics to synthesize the soul

of the Andalusian and gypsy people to delight all the spectators who

want to be take for the intuitive, the visceral, the basic and the "jondo".


Artists on stage

Flamenco & Andalusian Music





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