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4·Vaya con Dios

compañía flamenca Antonio Andrade


The world is one, music is one, art is one... and the world, music and art are made up of influences, instruments, different forms of expression, languages, cultures, which end up converging in a same feeling. What excites us about music is what unites all human beings. All the expressions in the world are thus communicated... it is about moving, it is about being happy, communicating, making the other see that you understand his joy and also his pain.

Flamenco is not classical music, it is not a composition that requires silence to be understood... flamenco is music that requires participation on the part of whoever is listening to it.

With the idea of the reunion of cultures, we set out on a journey to the roots of flamenco, which are the roots of music, of art itself... joy and pain... This is not a "fusion" show to use. Each number of the show always starts from a popular song from different cultures that refers us to a possible origin of the flamenco style that is going to be danced. There is a common thread in the form of a musical melody... a music that is recurring and that reminds us over and over again of the connection between different music and cultures, no matter how far apart they are... and finally a meeting about the the same setting of instruments, musicians, languages, between percussion, wind instruments, and the magical wooden box with strings that is the flamenco guitar. Lastly, dance is in charge of visually expressing those reunions, those emotions that world music and flamenco suggest to us... because in flamenco dance dance from India, from the north and south of India also beats. Africa, South America, and of course the gypsy influences in the wandering pilgrimage of a people throughout Europe... This flamenco show is the solution to add what we were plus what we are.


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