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2·Bailando al Cante

compañía flamenca Antonio Andrade


Bailando al Cante /Dancing the Singing/ premiered at the 2010 Bienal De Baile Flamenco De Sevilla and was choreographed by Ursula Moreno and José Galvañ.

Singing is the seed of flamenco and the Andalusian soul and without it there would be no flamenco dance that has the task of interpreting and visualizing all the emotions of flamenco singing.

Flamenco was born in Andalusia on the basis of Andalusian folklore, which has been enriched by all the cultures that came into contact with Andalusia like the Arabic, the Jewish, the Christian and the culture of the Andalusian Gypsies.

This unique mixture and symbiosis with ever newer influences such as music from South America or even jazz have made flamenco one of the most interesting styles of music in world music and music history. In 2010, flamenco was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and can claim to be a living music that continues to evolve.


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